What is contemporary dance?


Contemporary dance can also be known as modern, lyrical, or creative movement.

It is an energetic dance class that includes movements influenced by ballet, jazz, street dance, and yoga.

Creativity is central to contemporary dance and includes using the imagination to make up your own dances. Overall these classes will focus on:

  •   developing strong and controlled bodies
  •   raising fitness levels
  •   improving balance, musicality and coordination
  •   building confidence and socialisation
  •   increasing their knowledge of different kinds of movement
  •   inspiring and engaging their imagination

Below is a video made in collaboration between UK China Performing Arts and Children’s Contemporary Dance to bring creative dance classes to China. This trailer is being shown in China to encourage young dancers to try this style of dancing and gives you a sense of the style of Contemporary Dance for children.

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Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 10.55.05

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